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About Our Firm

Law Office of Jennifer Lester provides legal representation to individuals and businesses throughout Maryland and Virginia. With nearly two decades of legal experience, Jennifer Lester is a fierce defender of the constitution, while also pursuing her effective representation of individuals and businesses in a wide range of areas including criminal law, civil and business litigation, and family law.

Who I Am

Law Office of Jennifer Lester is a law firm owned by Jennifer Lester, an attorney with deep roots throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia communities. Jennifer Lester is a seasoned attorney with decades of litigation experience, in addition to a fierce commitment to ensuring her clients' rights are protected. She approaches each case as if it were her own.

Before starting her law practice in 2007, Jennifer Lester had a career in community organizing and planning. Jennifer draws on her legal expertise as well as her non-legal professional experience when representing clients. The broad perspective offered by Jennifer Lester at Law Office of Jennifer Lester results in practical guidance, with effective results, from a law firm you can count on.